The Food Safety of America Institute

The Food Safety of America Institute is the leading provider of high-quality online training courses for the restaurant, food service and beverage concessions industries.

Why is FSAI your choice for the employees in your food or beverage service company?

First, great courses. All have been developed and designed by top food service professionals who are master course designers.

Second, comprehensive training. Our courses cover all the most critical skills, from safe food preparation to hygiene and food allergies.

Third, the most cost-effective training in the industry. You can buy the complete 10-unit Food Handler Training Program for $99.00 or select Mini-Courses, only $15.00, to train the focused skills you need.

Fourth, all courses are available in both English and Spanish. If you have a bilingual workforce to train, FSAI make training them effective, economical and easy.

Fifth, simple delivery and instant startup. Whether you’re training five in one location or 50 in 10, our courses are ready to start now, with no development time.

The Importance of Food Safety

Food safety is the most important topic that your training should address. It is critically important for all your workers to be trained in these skills. For example, the workers who unload trucks and receive food from vendors need to make sure that incoming frozen items are thoroughly frozen. Your kitchen staff needs to know how to prevent food from becoming contaminated by germs and how to cook meats thoroughly. Even “secondary” employees like hotel room service waiters and drivers who deliver food to customers should know how to practice good food safety skills and alert you when potential problems arise.