Hiring Food Service Employees with the Right Attitude

Employees who have positive attitudes can make all the difference in whether your food service enterprise succeeds or fails. They please clients, build ongoing customer relationships that cultivate repeat business, and do a better job of handling high-stress situations. Yet as the owner of a food service company, you have probably hired employees whose positive [...]

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Why Training Is Key to Better Employee Hygiene

“I have signs in my washrooms that say, `Employees Must Wash Hands Before Returning to Work,’” a restaurant owner from Atlanta tells us. He then adds, “The problem is, I don’t like those signs. I think they remind customers that there is a chance my employees might not wash their hands after visiting the bathroom. [...]

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Tips to Ensure Food Safety During a Power Outage

Power outages can be costly to restaurants and food vendors. If food isn’t properly stored, the food could spoil and require disposal. The following tips are ways you can properly handle food storage during emergency situations. Before Storms Preparation is key to handle any power outages. If the weather forecast calls for severe weather, take precautions [...]

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The Difference Between Sell By and Use By Labels

Food labels serve a dual purpose: not only are they used to promote food safety, but can also be an important tool for reducing food waste. This is the reason understanding the key difference between sell by and best by dates on food items is so critical. Sell By Guidelines When you see a sell [...]

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