Are You Ready to Train Short-Term Food Service Workers?

Are you staffing up your restaurant operations for the summer, for the December holidays, for a golf or tennis tournament, or for other high-activity periods? If so, you are not alone. Many food-service operations hire students and other temporary employees to help cover “crunch” periods. And many of those businesses face a troubling choice. They [...]

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Food Safety Is a Life and Death Issue for All of Us

It's crucial for food producers, processors, handlers and consumers to pay attention to food safety. Foodborne illness affects quality of life for all of us, because it transmits diseases that cause short and long-term health problems and, sometimes, death. Many Maladies, Many Impacts The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that food is the medium through [...]

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6 Foods Surprisingly Susceptible to Contamination

Everyone has heard about the perils of consuming undercooked meat, poultry and fish, but many kinds of food may cause food poisoning. Although it won't soothe a roiling stomach or cool a fever when you are suffering from one of many forms of food toxins, the website is chockfull of information to help you trace [...]

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Becoming Aware of Common Food Allergies & Sensitivities

What at first tastes delicious can cause itchy danger for some people. According to WebMD, about 90 percent of food allergies are caused by eggs, fish, milk, peanuts, shellfish, soy foods and tree nuts (such as walnuts) as well as wheat and other grains containing gluten, such as barley and rye. What is healthful for [...]

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