Complete Food Handler Training Program
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All Units and the entire course are available in both Spanish and English.

The Food Safety of America Institute offers premier online food safety training courses designed by food service experts. Our comprehensive courses are easy-to-digest and provide the essential knowledge you and your staff need to succeed in the restaurant, food service and beverage concessions industries. In addition to teaching you the fundamentals of food safety in our cost-effective Food Handler Training Program, FSAI courses can also help you prepare for the ServSafe Certification exam.

Hand Washing & Sanitizing

Study and implement the proper food handler training routine for washing and sanitizing your hands to achieve optimal food safety.

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Preventing Food Contamination

Grasp the dangers of consuming contaminated foods and practice the most important safety protocols for food and beverage operations.

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Cook Times & Temperatures

Learn basic to advanced knowledge about proper preparation techniques and correct temperatures for various foods.

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Personal Hygiene Rules & Routines

Understand the significance of proper personal hygiene habits and routines, and adapt them to decrease potential food contamination.

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Food Allergens & Allergies

Discover how to prevent cross-contamination, prepare dishes for those with allergies and what to do if an allergic reaction occurs.

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Cleaning & Sanitizing

Master the crucial skills all food service workers need to complete cleaning and sanitizing procedures properly to ensure food safety.

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Why is Food Safety Important?

Food hazards and improper activities cause foodborne illnesses — like food poisoning –
to take place. These illnesses are completely preventable, especially when workers are well-informed on food safety procedures. But how do you learn about the do’s and don’ts of working in the restaurant industry? Through certification training! Quickly learn the techniques you need to know to ensure proper food safety with the FSAI Food Handler Training Program.

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